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                                                        I LOVE EROTICA IN MANY FORMS

Morgana Le Fay
Morgana is one of the greatest of all Faery Queens. She is a seductive shape-shifter, able to be whatever she desires. She soars the night on raven wings, landing silently in your dreams to work her dark enchantments. Well versed in star-craft and arcane healing powers, she is the mistress of the mystical arts of sexuality and high magic. Hers is a complex nature, neither totally beneficent or malign. Her faults are anger and resentment, and, true to faery nature, using her cunning arts against those who offend her. It is her necessary role to be found at the crux of the drama in our lives, working toward wisdom and healing in dramatic, difficult events. The disturbing influence of this dark queen can lead to profound change. Morgana is an enchantress who works her magic at the deepest levels- in the dark, secret, hidden places of our minds. She intiates us into mystic realms of creative imagination where all that is not yet manifest begins the journey into light and form.

An Erotic Sadist,

I'm a mature, classy dominatrix located in Niagara, Ontario.

Very experience in the realm of BDSM & Fetishes. 19 years.

I enjoy the exchange of Power with the submissive or bottom. I find it very intoxicating creating fantasy scenes, executing and controlling the energy between us. And then climaxing it out into the Universe!

I enjoy a range of activities from light to heavy scenes. I have a well equipped Chamber. And an extensive wardrobe of leather, latex, PVC, vintage lingerie, high heels, boots, stockings etc...

In a submissive or bottom Iím seeking someone who is open minded, sincere. The desire to grow and push limits, to endure. Who has the time to commit to an ongoing power exchange. Prefer experienced or a new person that has a clue what submission is. Who has done some credible research/reading on the subject. I am not romantically involved or lovers with my subs. What I offer is an incredible journey and exploration into the power exchange of BDSM. To grow and expand mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My Experience includes:




Forced Masturbation


Golden Pleasures

Strap On/Anal Pleasures

Electro Play


Medical Scenes

Needle Play

Urethra Sounds

Sensory Deprivation

Foot/Leg Worship


Tickle Torture

Cock & Ball Torture





Knife Play


Iím a fetishist-

FETISHES: Vintage FF stockings, tights, vintage girdles & lingerie, high heels, high heeled boots, velvet, black lace, leather, corsets, big 60's style earrings and a revisit with latex. Most of these I discovered as a child. The stimulation, sensation & transformation is unbelievable! Sensuous, Erotic!

I enjoy meeting people who are intense, unusual, creative & grounded. I do not have tolerance for bullshit and games though. Life is just way to short and precious. I LOATH PLASTIC PEOPLE.

Lady Morgana
Your Fascinatrix