Before you Book

To make your session the best experience please have an idea of what you are asking for. Many are new to exploring fetish and this is wonderful. But many do not know what they are really asking for.

Some think a submissive in SM or BD or D/s is the same as adding kink to sex. Or they really just love or wish to be sexually submissive.

They are very different. I do not offer sex.

I'm a Dominatrix not as escort. I do not offer GFE or prostitution of any kind.

When booking I do like to talk with the client and if they are serious about a session I like for them to fill out a sub survey. It gives me an idea quickly what your experience is, your desires and limits are. As well as letting me know of any health issues etc...

My desire is to fulfill your fantasies to the best of my ability within what I offer. And I can do that if you have an idea of what you are asking for. Try to be clear.

And for those seasoned submissives and bottoms... giving me full reign is even better! As it should be.

~ your Fascinatrix waits ~