Hymn to the Morrigan


I call thee, Dark Mother,

Hear me now, Raven Queen,

Hear me now, Dancer of the waves,

Hear your child, Phantom Queen,

Faery Witch of the Tuatha de Dancan

Guide me on my path, Mistress of Midnight.

Grant me your blessings,

Lady of deaths Sword,

Arise Great Queen, bless this place,

Grace it with the night of your power,

With a kiss of your black wings,

Embrace this offer,

And I who art with thee, forever.




Morgana Le Fay

Morgana is one of the greatest of all Faery Queens. 

She is a seductive shape-shifter, able to be whatever she desires.

She soars the night on raven wings, landing silently in your dreams to work her dark enchantments. Well versed in star-craft and arcane healing powers, she is the Mistress of the mystical arts of sexuality and high magick.

Hers is a complex nature, neither totally beneficent or malign. Her faults are anger and resentment, and true to faery nature, using her cunning arts against those who offend her.

It is her necessary role to be found at the crux of the drama in our lives, working toward wisdom and healing in dramatic, difficult events.

The disturbing influence of this dark queen can lead to profound change.

Morgana is an enchantress who works her magick at the deepest levels - in the dark, secret, hidden places of the minds. She initiates us into mystic realms of creative imagination where all that is not yet manifest begins the journey into light and form.